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Deerfield, Massachusetts

110 mi   dirt

D2R2 - 180k

Dirt route on Mill Village Rd, Deerfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts

"The original, the legend, the ride that started it all. The 180K is harder than anything most riders have ever experienced. Famous 100-mile trail races have faster times than our 180K. At the same time, people have described it as a jouney so wonderful that they wished it indeed would never end. A grand tour of Franklin County's secret back roads. Bring the low gear you need to climb a 20 percent grade with 100 miles in your legs, and plan on a full day."

66 mi   gravel

D2R2 100K

Gravel route on Old Main St, Deerfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts

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96 mi   dirt

D2R2 160k

Dirt route on Old Main St, Deerfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts

"The 160K is slightly shorter than the 180K, but it features an easier finish, losing 1500 feet elevation in the last 25 miles with no major climbs. However, the course also extends further east, north, and west than any route here, as well as reaching the highest elevation and having the most segments that are closed to cars. While some diehards insist on the 180K every year, many are now alternating between the two long courses and loving the variety, without ever going home on a 160K year wishing for more"